Learn how to identify
incorrect thinking patterns
inside your mind in 1 hour online session
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You'll learn how to find your points of growth, even if you can't
break through the glass ceiling of your personal development
Over 5 thousand people have already completed the assessment session and saw their points of growth
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Daria Trutneva
• Founder and author of the assessment session of incorrect thinking patterns
• Founder of an international multi-million dollar company Master Kit
• Author of 4 books about popular psychology. One of the books became a bestseller and was translated to 9 languages
• Founder and chief executive of the Research Institute of Self-Regulation

You need a assessment session if...

If you always have to choose between your career and your family
If you don't fully enjoy your life anymore and struggle with apathy, laziness, and guilt
If you can't find balance in your family, relationships with your children or your loved ones
If you often feel anxious or scared of something
If you want to have a fulfilling long-term relationship but it hasn't worked in the past
If you are haunted by the fear of loneliness, cheating, or divorce
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Assessment session stages

After you submit your payment, a mentor is going to contact you within 2 business days to choose a convenient time for your 1:1 session
During your 1-hour session, you'll follow a unique system to identify your deepest negative belief, guided by the mentor
You'll find out exactly what you need to do to transform your negative belief into a positive one. It will remove the block that's standing between you and your goal
You'll discover the powerful Master Kit tool and will be able to test the method's effectiveness on yourself

Comparison with analogues

Location and time
assessment session
87 USD 37 USD
1 час
Whenever and whereverit works for you Sign up
Location and time
Personal psychologist
1 session — starting at 250 USD (you'll need over 5 sessions to start seeing any results)
5 sessions
approximately 6-8 hours
At a specific location during a specific time
Let's get to know the Master Kit Founder and the author of the diganostic assessment of incorrect thinking patterns Daria Trutneva better

Since I've created the assessment session, I haven't met a single person who didn't have at least one incorrect thinking pattern.

Over 5 thousand people have already taken this assessment session and I can happily say that it works effectively.

When you get rid of your incorrect thinking patterns, you'll be able to reach your goals faster and with less stress.

It's very important to us that only people who've gone through a special training and certification process run the assessment session
Only the past year, over 5 thousand people have already used this assessment session to identify their incorrect thinking patterns. This is what they say

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with the assessment session?
Together with an expert, you'll identify your incorrect thinking patterns and learn how to get rid of them. As a bonus, you'll also get a unque workbook and demo access to the Master Kit tool
When will I have the session?
You'll have your session online via Zoom. After you purchase the assessment session, our expert is going to contact you within 2 business days to schedule a convenient time for your session. You can have your session anywhere you like. Ideally, you'd have access to a quiet space without any distractions.
I'm already doing fine, why do I need the assessment session?
Unfortunately, we often don't notice most of our incorrect thinking patterns. They seem absolutely logical and normal to us. But in reality they limit us, block us from fully enjoying our lives, and create a lot of stress or guilt. The assessment session will not only help you identify what your incorrect thinking patterns are but also learn how to get rid of them forever.

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